Socio-Economic and Physical Profile - Land Use
Socio-Economic and Physical Profile
is structured as follows:
The Physical Environment
•   Physical Character
–   Geographical Location and Area
–   Geology
–   Topography, Elevation and Slope
–   Geomorphology
–   Soil Type
–   Erosion
–   Water Resources Characteristics
–   Land and Associated Soil Characteristics
–   Protected Areas of Agriculture
–   Atmospheric Characteristics
–   Air Quality
•   Land Classifications
•   Preservation and Conservation Areas
Demographic Characteristics
•   Population Levels, Growth, Distribution & Movements
–   Levels and Growth Pattern
–   Population Movements
–   Age-Sex Structure
–   Literacy Rate
–   Religious Affiliations
–   Number of Households, 1970-2000
–   Population Density, 1990-2000
•   Projected Population
Land Use
•   Historical Land Use
•   City Form and Structure
–   The City's Natural & Man-Made Landmarks
–   Major Paths of Movements
–   The City's Edges
•   Existing Land Utilization Pattern
–   Urbanisation Pattern
–   Agricultural Areas
–   Idle Land or Grasslands
–   Forested Areas
–   Tourism Areas
•   Land Development Trends
•   Future Land Use Demand
–   Urban Land Demand
–   HLURB Land Use Demands
•   Development Needs
The Local Economy
The Local Economy
•   Economic Activities
•   Family Income and Expenditures
–   Agriculture
–   Fisheries Development Program
–   Agricultural Service
–   Status of CARP
–   Veterinary Services
–   Slaughterhouse Operation
–   Commercial Establishments
–   Industry
–   Tourism
Human and Social Development
•   Health, Nutrition and Sanitation
–   Health Status Indicators
–   Health Care Provision
–   Health Resources Profile
–   Development Needs
•   Education, Culture and Sports
–   Educational Facilities and Manpower
–   Student Enrollment
–   Pre-School Education
–   Culture, Sports and Recreation Facilities
–   Development Needs
•   Housing Resettlement
–   Development Needs
•   Public Safety and Protective Services
–   Crime Incidence
–   Police Protection Personnel and Facilities
–   Police Services
–   Fire Protection and Prevention
–   Administration of Justice
–   Development Needs
•   Social Welfare and Development
–   Social Welfare Programmes and Services
–   Development Needs
•   Indigenous Communities
–   Development Needs
•   Roads and Transport
–   Road Network Profile
–   Bridges
–   Modes of Transportation
–   Traffic Prone Areas
–   Upcoming Projects
–   Development Needs
•   Water
–   Water Resources
–   Existing Situation
–   Development Needs
•   Drainage and Sewerage
–   Existing Situation
–   Development Needs
•   Power
–   Existing Situation
–   Upcoming Projects
–   Development Needs
•   Telecommunications
–   Existing Situation
–   Development Needs
Environmental Management
•   Solid Waste Management
•   Liquid Waste Management
•   Forest Resource Management
•   Management of Prime Agricultural Areas
•   Development Needs
Development Administration
•   Organisational Framework and Resource Capability
–   Human Resources
–   City Planning and Development Office
•   Financial Capability
–   Historical Income
–   Historical Expenditure
–   Income and Expenditure Trends
–   Projected Income
•   Legislative and Administrative Framework
–   Zoning Ordinance
•   Development Needs
Existing Land Utilization Pattern - Urbanisation Pattern (Built-up Areas)

The bulk of the City's built-up areas are mostly located west of Quirino Highway at the primarily level to gently sloping (0-8 percent) terrain. All the City's schools, government institutions, commercial developments, industries and other urban amenities are located within this section. Its largest contiguous built-up area is located at the former Sapang Palay Resettlement Project area where the concentration of the population in SJDM is currently found. Growing commercial sites and residential, commercial and light industrial areas are found scattered all over the City, in major road intersections and along major thoroughfares.

Integrated within the built-up areas are heavily vegetated areas. Most vegetative outgrowths are located at difficult to build areas. Supplementing these are a number of mini-forest projects of the City Government. The City Agriculture Office maintains a 1.65 hectare Mini Forest Project in Barangay Muzon along the San Jose del Monte-Marilao Provincial Road and a mahogany planting site at the Barangay Minuyan Proper proposed landfill site.

The developments east of Quirino Highway are mostly scattered residential areas and commercial farms. However, there are also two residential subdivisions that are both located along or near the highway. These are Ciudad Real Subdivision in Barangay Ciudad Real and the Towerville Subdivision in Barangay Minuyan. In addition, two religious institutions are currently located some distance away from Ciudad Real and are taking advantage of its secluded and rural atmosphere. These are the Blessed Sacrament Seminary and an Augustinian convent.


San Jose del Monte currently has about 102 private subdivisions located in various barangays. The most prolific developer in the City is Palmera Homes, Inc., which has 37 different subdivisions located in Barangays Sto. Cristo and Muzon, which totals to about 1,7745 hectares. Table 4.2 shows the private subdivisions in the City and their corresponding location, owner/developer and land area.

Table 4.2 List of Existing Subdivisions

No. Name of Subdivision Owner/Developer Location Area (sq. m.)
1 Andrew Village Raymundo Gerona Poblacion 30,000
2 Avanceña Subdivision Aurelio Avena Poblacion 63,000
3 Marcela Village No. 3 Arcadio Zamora Tungkong Mangga 50,000
4 Morning Star Brigida A. Gallardo Gaya-gaya 11,900
5 Del Monte Realty Corporation Jose Villano Sto. Cristo 55,000
6 Pecsonville Subdivision Ma. Casas et Al Tungkong Mangga 55,000
7 Ciudad Real - Tungkong Mangga -
8 Del Valle Heights Marcelino del Vale Gaya-gaya 59,000
9 Noel Village Narciso G. Isidro Muzon 42,900
10 North Diamond H. Corporation N. D. Housing Corporation Tungkong Mangga 67,100
11 Francisco Home Subdivision A. Francisco Realty Corporation Mulawin, Yakal, Guijo, Narra -
12 Francisco Homes 2 A. Francisco Realty Corporation Graceville 200,000
13 Francisco Homes 3 A. Francisco Realty Corporation Muzon -
14 Tower Grotto Ville Dr. Felipe de Jesus Graceville 200,000
15 Sunlight Subdivision - Muzon -
16 Pleasant Hills Subdivision Hillman Realty San Manuel 297,511
17 Morning Glory Subdivision Jose Villano Poblacion 22,700
18 Graceville Subdivsion I, II, III Ruben Tiosejo Graceville 104,300
19 Graceville IV Ruben Tiosejo Muzon 160,000
20 Nayong Lourdes I Eduardo Kaimo Maharlika 400,000
21 Nayong Lourdes II Eduardo Kaimo - -
22 Nayong Lourdes III Eduardo Kaimo Kaypian -
23 Mt. View Subdivision Rosario Bondoc Muzon 400,000
24 Benjamin Executive Village Veronica Lim Graceville 59,016
25 Evergreen Heights Gotesco Prop., Inc. Gaya-gaya 496,239
26 Samantha Heights AC/DC Construction Sapang Palay Proper 24,048
27 Cityville Homes - Tungkong Mangga 22,311
28 Sarmiento Townville P.S. Sarmiento & Construction Muzon 206,400
29 Sarmiento Townville P.S. Sarmiento & Construction Poblacion 41,800
30 Harmony Hills I Guillermo Choa Muzon 206,400
31 Harmony Hills II Guillermo Choa Muzon 110,450
32 Dela Costa Homes Subdivision III - Graceville 173,760
33 Dela Costa Homes IV William J. Keyes - 103,869
34 Metro Gate San Jose Moldex Realty Inc. Sapang Palay Proper 1,085,000
35 Verde Heights Eng'r. Juan S. Labiste Gaya-gaya 148,522
36 Verde Heights 2 Eng'r. Alan Santiago Kaypian -
37 Northgate Park Exec. H. Citihomes Builder & D., Inc. Sto. Cristo 45,664
38 Diamond Crest Village Arch. Vincent T. Ang San Manuel 10,950
39 Melody Plains Filinvest Muzon 289,277
40 Melody Heights (Lot Only) Filinvest - -
41 Grotto Ville Homes - Muzon -
42 Towerville Subdivsion NHA/Goldenville, Realty Tialo, Minuyan -
43 Villa San Jose - Gaya-gaya 50,000
44 San Jose Complex George Chiu Muzon -
45 RSG Urban Homes Honeycomb Builders, Inc. Sto. Cristo 5,877
46 Kabahayan Guro-Vill. Const. Corp. Vanhock Product & Const. Corp. Sto. Cristo 21,090
47 Merco River Side Vill Vanhock Product & Const. Corp. Gaya-gaya 62,741
48 Grotto View Homes Starshine Realty Dev. Corp. Graceville -
49 Hossana Community Sure Foundation Dev. Co. Muzon 86,857
50 Sea Horse Executive Genaro Baron Kaypian 6,409
51 Capili Compound Atty. Virgilio M. Capili Graceville 23,282
52 Rosario Ville Leticia G. Padua Sto. Cristo 68,956
53 Metro Asia Metro Asia Resources Muzon 67,706
54 Metro Asia Metro Asia Resources Sapang Palay Proper 41,126
55 Dream Land Shappel Homes, Inc. Muzon 100,000
56 Billion Homes I Primetown Prop. Group Inc. Muzon 100,000
57 Stallion Homes 600 Stallion Realty Dev. Corp. F. Homes, Yakal, Mulawin, Guijo, Narra -
58 La Mirasol - Tungkong Mangga 426,000
59 Carissa Homes 1A Palmera Homes, Inc. Sto. Cristo 57,235
60 Carissa Homes 1B Palmera Homes, Inc. Sto. Cristo 56,039
61 Carissa Homes 1C Palmera Homes, Inc. Sto. Cristo 22,278
62 Carissa Homes 2A & 2B Palmera Homes, Inc. Sto. Cristo 81,100
63 Carissa Homes 3A Palmera Homes, Inc. Sto. Cristo 60,866
64 Carissa Homes 3C Palmera Homes, Inc. Sto. Cristo 50,000
65 Carissa Homes 3C Palmera Homes, Inc. Sto. Cristo 103,082
66 Carissa Homes 4B Palmera Homes, Inc. Sto. Cristo 40,736
67 Carissa Homes 4C Palmera Homes, Inc. Sto. Cristo 5,000
68 Carissa Homes 5B Palmera Homes, Inc. Sto. Cristo 44,666
69 Carissa Homes 5C Palmera Homes, Inc. Sto. Cristo 31,007
70 Carissa Homes 5D Palmera Homes, Inc. Sto. Cristo 12,400
71 Carissa Homes 5D Palmera Homes, Inc. Sto. Cristo 90,314
72 Northridge Executive Palmera Homes, Inc. Sto. Cristo 126,609
73 Northridge Executive 1-B Palmera Homes, Inc. Sto. Cristo 24,933
74 Northridge Hights 1C Palmera Homes, Inc. Sto. Cristo 20,000
75 Northridge Hights 1D Palmera Homes, Inc. Sto. Cristo 32,261
76 Northwinds 1 Palmera Homes, Inc. Sto. Cristo 126,203
77 Northwinds 2-B Palmera Homes, Inc. Sto. Cristo 81,111
78 Northwinds 2-C Palmera Homes, Inc. Sto. Cristo 11,420
79 Northwinds 3-B Palmera Homes, Inc. Sto. Cristo 93,321
80 Northwinds 4 Palmera Homes, Inc. Sto. Cristo 4,000
81 Northwinds 4-C Palmera Homes, Inc. Sto. Cristo 18,828
82 Northwinds 4-D Palmera Homes, Inc. Sto. Cristo 7,555
83 Northwinds 4-E Palmera Homes, Inc. Sto. Cristo 8,362
84 Northwinds B-5 Palmera Homes, Inc. Sto. Cristo 44,666
85 Northwinds 7 Palmera Homes, Inc. Sto. Cristo 52,273
86 Northwinds 8-A Palmera Homes, Inc. Sto. Cristo 44,591
87 Northwinds 8-B Palmera Homes, Inc. Sto. Cristo 52,273
88 La Poblacion 1-B Palmera Homes, Inc. Muzon 62,272
89 La Poblacion 1-C Palmera Homes, Inc. Muzon 9,757
90 La Poblacion 1-D Palmera Homes, Inc. Muzon 120,577
91 La Poblacion 1 & 2 Palmera Homes, Inc. Muzon 17,831
92 La Poblacion 3-B Palmera Homes, Inc. Muzon -
93 La Poblacion 3-C Palmera Homes, Inc. Muzon 14,719
94 La Poblacion 3-D Palmera Homes, Inc. Muzon -
95 La Poblacion 3-E Palmera Homes, Inc. Muzon 109,894
96 La Poblacion 4 Palmera Homes, Inc. Muzon -
97 Rosanna Heights - San Manuel -
98 Guzmanville - Sto. Cristo -
99 Marigold Subdivision - Muzon -
100 Mankor Homes-I - Tungkong Mangga -
101 Benjamin Exe. III Benjamin Lim Sto. Cristo -
102 San Jose Village Borland Dev't. Corp. Gaya-gaya -
Source: SJDM Socio-Economic Profile 2001

There are also four resettlement projects of the National Housing Authority within the City. These resettlement projects consist of the 752 hectares Sapang Palay Resettlement Project (SPRP) in Sapang Palay, the Towerville Resettlement Project in Barangay Minuyan/Sto. Cristo, the Pabahay 2000 Housing Project in Barangay Muzon and the Liberty Upgrading Project in Barangay Gumaoc. The formerly known as Sapang Palay Resettlement Project (SPRP) site, was sub-divided in 1991 and is now comprised of Barangays Sapang Palay Proper, Fatima I to V, San Rafael (H) to V, San Pedro, Sta. Cruz I to V, San Martin I to IV, Bagong Buhay I to III, Sto. Niño I and II, Assumption, San Martin de Porres, and Lawang Pare.


The major economic activities of San Jose del Monte are in agri-business, manufacturing and wholesale and retail trading. Commercial developments are scattered all over the various areas in the City. The commercial economy of SJDM is, however, currently centred in four different nodes of developments that are more or less at the same stages of growth. These nodes have a bustling commercial atmosphere distinct from the other areas of the City. They are characterised by the presence of numerous and contiguous commercial establishments. Residential areas and subdivisions are typically found in their vicinity.

The nodes of activities in San Jose del Monte are the following:

Poblacion Node

The most outstanding features of the Poblacion are the City Hall, the Roman Catholic Church, and the slaughterhouse. Small business establishments including restaurants, sari-sari stores, bakeries, bookstores and the like that serve the needs of the people that frequent these two structures are found within this vicinity. Residential areas with its accompanying institutional and commercial land uses that are served by narrow streets surround this node.

Tungkong Mangga Node

The node in Tungkong Mangga is the commercial district located in the intersection of Quirino Highway and the Sta. Maria-Tungkong Mangga Provincial Road (Bocaue Provincial Road). Based on the quality and quantity of business establishments, Tungkong Mangga appears to the most progressive commercial node of San Jose del Monte. Out of the City's 13 commercial banks, six (including BPI Family Bank, Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company, Philippine National Bank and Prudential Bank and Trust Company) are located in the Tungkong Mangga Area. Its 24 Pawnshop/Lending Investor establishments are also mostly located in Tungkong Mangga, Muzon and the northernmost barangays in the former Sapang Palay Resettlement area. The City also has 16 public markets and supermarkets, four of which are also in Tungkong Mangga.

Muzon Node

This node is the commercial district located in the intersection between the Sta. Maria-Tungkong Mangga Provincial Road (Bocaue Provincial Road) and the San Jose del Monte-Marilao Road. Located within this area is the South Triangle Wet and Dry Market, the Kabalikat Rural Bank, a number of pawnshop and lending investors, and other business and light industrial establishments including bakeries and pharmacies. In addition, about seven business offices of the 18 large scale manufacturing establishments of the City are located in Muzon.

Sapang Palay "Sampol" Node

The node in the Sapang Palay Resettlement Project is located along Bagong Buhay Avenue where the Sampol Market is situated. This node primarily serves the 29 barangays at the northeastern portion of the City. Within the area are located various agri-business, wholesale and retail trading and manufacturing establishments including the Active Bank, HBC and the Policarpio Market.

Aside from these nodes, however, commercial, agri-business and other establishments are also found in linear fashion along the major thoroughfares of San Jose del Monte.


Industrial activity in San Jose del Monte is still not very extensive. Only a few industries can be found in various areas within the City. Major industries in the area include marble production, feed mills, garments production and food processing.

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